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Mexico (Easter Break)

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Spring 2019 Class Meeting Times

T/TH 11:30 – 12:45 PM

Course: GST 371: Global Border Crossing (4 cr)

Date: April 4 – April 11, 2020 (Easter Break)

Professors: Profs. Kara Cebulko, Andrea Rojas

Program Costs: $975*

Price Inclusions: Airfare, Accommodations, Food, Transportation, Program Fee, Insurance

*Program Cost is Subject to Change

Course Description:

This course will focus on the meaning of “justice across borders,” and “global border crossing” with special attention to the historical and contemporary relationship between the U.S. and its border communities. We will deepen this understanding through a comparative perspective, examining other borders and communities, globally and locally. We will also consider what it means to live in transnational communities. Finally, this course will take an active look at our own roles in building connections across borders for social change, including a critical look at the meaning of “global citizenship” and  how our own social locations and identities impact working for that change. We will travel to Tijuana, México to gain first-hand experience of life on the border. During this trip, we will spend time in Chicano Park in San Diego, physically cross between San Diego, CA and Tijuana (the busiest international land cross point in the world), volunteer with the non-profit Esperanza International, and learn more about migration and borders from our community partners in Tijuana. Reflection on cross-border service experience will be included in the course with opportunities to identify and develop strategies for defining and enhancing justice across borders. Spanish proficiency will be beneficial for course participants but is not required. 



Program Inclusions:

  • Work daily alongside community members affiliated with Esperanza International which empowers communities through building dignified homes

  • Meet with staff and migrants at Casa del migrante in Tijuana, Mexico, a non-profit civil association which assists the most vulnerable migrants who arrive in the city.

  • Connect with Centro Promoción Salud Esperanza in Tijuana, Mexico, that serves the Spiritual, medical, educational and psychological needs of the community to promote better living conditions.

  • Visit Friendship Park/Al Parque de la Amistad in Playas de Tijuana, the historic meeting place in the US/Mexico border, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

  • Witness the largest concentration of Chicano murals in the world at Chicano Park in San Diego




Kara Cebulko is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Studies and the current Chairperson of Sociology. Her research and teaching interests focus on how immigration status and other forms of stratification shape the transition to and experience of young adulthood for children of immigrants. Her current book project examines how whiteness, social class and illegality shape children of Brazilian immigrants lives in young adulthood – including their opportunities, romantic relationship and sense of belonging in society. She has been teaching the Global Border Crossing class for five years and every year, looks forward to learning and reflecting alongside students, while reconnecting with community partners in Tijuana, Mexico.

Andrea Rojas is a graduate of Providence College, class of 2017. During her senior year, she was a part of the Global Border Crossing class, and like many students before her it left a lasting impact well beyond graduation. Since graduating, she has been working at Dorcas International Institute in Providence, RI. After having worked as an immigration caseworker since July 2017, she was recently promoted to be a DOJ Accredited Legal Representative allowing her to represent her clients before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of State. Andrea is passionate about immigrant rights, having personal ties to immigration and through the work that she does. She loved the course so much as a student and she’s excited to come back as a faculty member alongside Prof. Kara Cebulko to accompany new students on this journey of understanding complex and often unjust border and immigration policies while critically thinking of what justice across borders looks like.

Esperanza LogoEsperanza International seeks to cultivate global citizenship through services experiences in working towards a better world. Their partnership with Fundación Esperanza de México, a Mexican NGO, who believe that all people deserve safe and dignified housing. Volunteers help build homes in communities across Tijuana and have the opportunity to authentically engage in the unique border culture of Tijuana, México, through the eyes of its own residents. Esperanza International envisions a world in which communities across borders work in solidarity toward a common dream of sustainable, dignified housing for all people.

Applications Due October 15, 2019