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Faculty-Led Maymester/Course Embedded Programs 2020

ART/HIS 479 Modern Korea: The Colonial Period, the Cold War, & Beyond

(3 credits)

Professors Eric Sung, Margaret Manchester, and Colin Jaundril

This course examines modern Korean history in light of Korea’s place in global politics and culture from its Colonial Period (1905-1945) through the present day. The course combines academic study and field experience.  Students will engage in intensive discussion of readings, visual and other primary source materials, and films during the on-campus portion of the class, followed by field experiences in South Korea tailored specifically to reinforce and explore more deeply course themes/materials.  Finally, students will engage in 1) photography and digital storytelling or 2) independent research projects where they will building on both their academic learning and their field experiences.

Horizons on-line application

Program Dates: May 18-June 4, 2020 

Cost: Estimate $4,900

ENG 441 Wordsworth in the Lake District

(3 credits)

Professor Bruce Graver

The aim of this course is to integrate a study of the poetry of William Wordsworth with the landscapes he described and to integrate that study further with the art and manuscript collections of the Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, UK. A further aim is to teach students how to assemble an exhibition based on what they have learned to a specific audience and to coordinate it with one of the Trust’s ongoing programs.

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Program Dates: May -June, 2020 

Cost: Estimate $3,750

HUM 371 America and Rome

(3 credits)

Professor Iain Bernhoft


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Program Dates: May -June, 2020 

Cost: Estimate TBD

SPN 380 Cuba Mediascape: from Revolution to the Digital Age

(3 credits)

Professor Mesa Morales

This course examines contemporary Cuban cultural production with special emphasis in the audiovisual as a powerful medium for learning about language and culture. The class will explore topics spanning the post-revolutionary period to the present that relate to issues of gender, race, class, politics and migration from the post revolutionary period through the present. We will seek to understand contemporary Cuba by analyzing critically different filmic genres: short and feature length films, documentaries, web series, but also, multimedia performances, cartoons, memes, advertising posters, Hip Hop video clips and more. The audiovisual genre is a significant source of communicative input that captures authentic language, illustrates language variations and will allow students to evaluate changes in social and political representation of the island in the 21st century. We will discuss new modes of production and distribution and investigate the changing structural, technological,
and material conditions that have sustained Cuban film and media. An engaging and interdisciplinary list of readings, drawn from audiovisual criticism, media studies, and history will facilitate and contribute to our study.

Horizons on-line applications

Program Dates: May 11-May  24, 2020 

Cost: Estimate $2,300

Course-Embedded International Program – Winter Break

  • MGT 479 or FIN 419 or MKT426: Sydney, Australia, international trip January 2-11, 2020(Dr. Jacqueline Elcik)

Course-Embedded International Programs – Spring Semester

  • MBA 698 Business Ethics in Spain (Dr. Jackie Elcik and Dr. Patrick O’Malley)
  • DWC 202 Colloquium Cuba Libre: Global Commodities in Latin American & Caribbean History (Dr. Maia Bailey, Fr. David Orique, O.P.)
  • THL 375 Global Service in Solidarity – Guatemala (Dr. Dana Dillon and Bob Pfunder)
  • GST 371 Collaborative Engagement Across Borders – Ecuador (Dr. Nuria Alonso García, Melissa Mardo)
  • GST 371 Global Border Crossing – Tijuana, Mexico (Dr. Kara Cebulko