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Faculty-Led Maymester/Course Embedded Programs 2019

INT 379 Sustainability & Social Value: Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving

(3 credits)

Professor Terence McGoldrick and Comfort Ateh

Please contact Professor McGoldrick for further information,

Ghana Application 2019

Program Dates: May 18-June 1, 2019

Cost: Estimate $3,000

HIS/ENG/ART 481 Flashpoints: The US & the Cold War in Eastern Europe

(3 credits)

Professors Eric Bennett, Margaret Manchester, and Eric Sung

Students will become familiar with the history of the Cold War in Europe. They will study American and Soviet responses to crises in Berlin, Germany, Gdansk, Poland; and Budapest, Hungary.  Students will investigate the impact of the Cold War on European and American culture, including architecture, music, and the arts.

Please contact Professor Manchester for further information,

Maymester Application 2019

Program Dates: May 27-June 5, 2019 

Cost: Estimate $4,900

Course-Embedded International Programs – Spring Semester

Course-Embedded International Program – Fall Semester