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I will be spending one semester abroad. What are my PC housing options during the semester I will be on campus?

Semester study abroad students must only pay PC room and board for the semester they are on campus. Study abroad eligibility is dependent on complying with the policies set by the Office of Residence Life. This include timely notification to them that you will be studying abroad. Check with the Office of Residence Life to verify that you are following the correct procedures.

Where will I live when I study abroad?

Each program is different, and may offer dormitory living, shared apartments, or host families. You could be living with American college students, other international students, or locals from the host country. When choosing a study abroad program, be sure to think carefully about your goals for the experience. This will require you to think about what kind of living situation you are most comfortable with. For example, if your primary goal is to improve your language, you may want to live with a host family. This will give you a more immersive experience and thus help you with your language.

All Providence College students are required to live in program-approved housing. Independent housing, whether a program approved option or not, is not permitted by Providence College.

Will living with a host family restrict my freedom?

Choosing a homestay provides the opportunity for you to become more immersed in the culture of your host country. At the same time, it allows you to maintain your independence. Host families specifically choose to host American college students, and are carefully vetted by the program providers. Therefore, they understand that you will want to explore the nightlife and take advantage of traveling. A host family provides the opportunity for language learning and exposure to cultural norms. It also offers support for everything from homesickness to illness to travel plans.

It is most important to understand how to be respectful of your host family. Before long you will feel at home.

Are meals included in my housing?

Students who live in a homestay have some or all meals included. Those that do not live with a host family mostly cook for themselves. They do not have meals included in their housing placement. Despite this, some programs offer a meal plan or a meal stipend.

How will I do laundry?

You will have laundry facilities available in your apartment, in your building, or within close proximity to your housing. Keep in mind that clothes may be washed and dried differently in your host country. For example, clothes are line-dried in most other countries, as electric dryers are extremely expensive to operate.

Do I need to bring cooking supplies, linens, and towels?

Probably not. Check with your program provider.

Will I have internet access?

You will have internet access while you are abroad. However, the internet may not be as fast, reliable, or available as you are accustomed to in the U.S. Especially if you are studying abroad in a developing country, you may not have internet access in your housing. Your program will inform you of where to find internet access.