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PC Faculty-Led Abroad (FLA)

PC Faculty-Led Abroad (FLA) are Providence College courses that include a short-term travel component. Most FLA courses take place during the Spring semester where travel occurs during Winter Break, Spring Break, or alternatively, during the shortened “Maymester” term. All FLA courses are developed and run by PC faculty and travel to a diversity of destinations each year. These programs are priced economically (with scholarships available) and typically do not require prerequisites to ensure all members of the PC student body can participate. Whether you’re interested in exploring the key issues of community-base development and the politics of making that a lasting program (Dominican Republic) or exploring El Camino, the city of Santiago de Compostela and the figure of Saint James the Apostle (Spain and Portugal), FLA has it all! PC is proud to sponsor the following Faculty-Led Abroad (TBD) programs for the upcoming 2023 academic year. Please note that applications are due between October 1 and November 15 depending on the program. While most FLAs do not require a language proficiency, we encourage students to explore World Languages & Cultures courses at PC to enrich their abroad experience.