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Study Abroad

Providence College is proud to offer a variety of study abroad options to meet the academic and personal needs of each student. Do you want to study abroad for only a few weeks? Or do you want to spend an entire semester or even academic year abroad? Regardless of what kind of international experience you are considering, the Center for Global Education is here to assist you throughout the process.

Please use the below summaries along with the left sidebar menu to learn more about how to make studying abroad a reality.

Semester Study Abroad

Providence College works with approved study abroad program providers that can be found in over 40 countries around the world. From application management to onsite support and transcript evaluation, these organizations administer all aspects of the study abroad process. Think of them as intermediaries between students and the host country and institution.

Providers offer study centers designed for American students along with direct enrollment options at local institutions for students to complete courses. Many programs also include internship placements and independent research as well as local orientation programs and educational excursions.

Summer Study Abroad

Students may elect to spend a summer abroad in lieu of or in addition to a semester program. Summer study abroad is available through the same program providers who facilitate semester programs, and as a result, they offer many of the same options and services. While program lengths vary, the typical summer program is between 4-6 weeks.

PC Faculty-Led Programs

Each year, additional programs are offered to students that are taught by PC faculty members. Students will take a PC course that has an overseas component, typically ranging from 1-3 weeks. These courses combine classroom study with real-world experiences, allowing students to gain international insight in their field of study.

Faculty-led programs vary from year to year and depend upon PC faculty availability and expertise. Also, faculty-led programs often require a specific number of applied students in order to move forward.