EDU Florence, Italy

Fairfield University Diversity in Education Program

Students attend classes and live in the historic city center of Florence during the fall semester. Students take education classes and other liberal arts courses at the Fairfield University Florence University of the Arts Center. All students are required to take an Italian language course. Weekly education practicum (4 hours) takes place in Florence neighborhood schools, where students teach English as a foreign language.

PC’s customized education classes are taught by both American and Italian educators. Opportunities to collaborate with teacher education students from Florence University are included as part of the program.

Program Overview


  • Education Intent to Study Abroad form due to Dr. Hauerwas (ESE abroad chair) by October 14, 2022 for Fall 2023
  • Horizons study abroad application due to Center for Global Education by December 2, 2022 for Fall 2023

Program Price

  • Providence College tuition
  • $1,000 Study Abroad fee
  • Fairfield housing
  • Other fees and expenses (including, but not limited to, roundtrip airfare, shopping, daily lunch and meals out, and additional travel)

Credits and Coursework

Students must take a total of 15 semester credits to meet the full-time study requirement. Student schedules will include:

  • Language and Literacy (3 credits) – mandatory for all students, fulfills EDU 331
  • English as a Foreign Language Practicum (1 credit)* – mandatory for all students, fulfills EDU 331L
  • Culture, Language, and Education (3 credits) – mandatory for all students, fulfills Education department diversity proficiency requirement
  • Italian language course (3 credits) – mandatory for all students, free elective
  • Two elective courses (3 credits each) in disciplines such as studio art, art history, philosophy, nutrition, and literature

*For EDU 331L, students will be assigned to an EFL teacher within a primary school in Tuscany. This is a 40 hour practicum in English as Foreign Language.

Housing and Meals

Students can select to live in either homestays (live with a host family, includes some meals) or an apartment in the historic center of Florence. There is no formal meal plan charged for this program. Kitchen access for cooking meals is provided.


Students will have a choice of two day-long cultural excursions. Locations include:

  • Vicenza
  • Pistoia and Prato
  • Carmignano and Capezzana
  • Cinque Terra