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“How can we prepare citizens who understand multiple spheres of participation – local, national, and global?” Prepare culturally and globally competent teachers!

Boix Mansilla & Jackson, 2013, p. 4 

PC celebrates almost a decade of innovative teacher education abroad.  As part of the Elementary Special Education department commitment to preparing culturally competent teachers, we offer students two customized abroad programs.  Semester-long opportunities include teaching practicums in Florence, Italy or Belfast, Northern Ireland primary schools. Students explore diverse perspectives and practices in literacy method and cross-cultural education courses. In Florence students teach English as a foreign language in inclusive practicum classrooms. In Belfast students engage their upper primary students in literacy and social studies lessons around issues of global significance.  In both settings students receive on-going feedback under the mentorship of international cooperating teachers and faculty.  These education courses fulfill junior requirements in the Elementary Special Education major.

Note that these semester-long programs are only offered in the fall semester.  Education majors may also want to consider Faculty-Led Abroad courses

For more information about education programs abroad contact Dr. Laura Hauerwas in Elementary Special Education department or Denise Miller in the Center for Global Education.