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Providence College has partnered with CEA Global Education to offer a unique study abroad opportunity in Rome, Italy. The Center opens the door to semester-length study abroad opportunities for students interested in theology, philosophy, art, business, and more. For a recent cover story on the program in PC Magazine, click here.

Students attend classes at the CEA Center in the historic Prati neighborhood, near the Vatican off of Piazza Cavour.  A large portion of class time is spent on-site at significant sites in and near the Eternal City. Sites include the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Catacombs of San Callisto. Classes are taught by Global Campus faculty, including local experts and scholars. Students also have the option of cross-enrolling in an English-taught course in political science, economics, or theology. These classes are held at the prestigious Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli di Roma (LUISS). Here, they will study alongside Italian students and advanced Italian speakers will have the opportunity to take courses in Italian.

Program Overview:

  • Application Deadline: December 1, 2018 for study in AY2019-2020
  • Program Price: Providence College Tuition + $1,000 Study Abroad Fee + CEA Room and Other Fees
  • Credits: 16 Semester Credits (Including two mandatory courses: “The New Testament in the Eternal City” and an Italian language course)
  • Language of Instruction: With the exception of the Italian language courses, all classes are taught in English
  • Housing: Homestays or Apartments with an Italian housemate
  • Sample Budget: Know what expenses to expect if you study abroad


  • Open to juniors and first-semester seniors
  • Minimum cumulative GPA 2.75 required
  • See “Study Abroad Eligibility” page for additional requirements.

What’s Included

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Housing Policy:

Providence College vets and approves all study abroad programs based on academic quality, cultural immersion, and health/safety practices. As a component of each study abroad program, housing is an integral aspect of the abroad experience. It promotes language and communication skills and provides opportunities for personal growth. In addition to meeting these goals, housing organized by the program sponsor provides an additional layer of safety and security.

For these reasons, Providence College requires the use of program-established housing on the PC Rome program. Students therefore have the option of homestays or apartments and are not permitted to live in Independent Housing. Students that chose to live in an apartment typically live with four other students. These students can be from Providence College or other US Universities as well. No more than two (2) Providence College students may live in the same apartment. This allows students to take full advantage of the cultural immersion and learning opportunities offered by studying abroad. In order to further this goal, there will be one Italian university student living in each apartment as well. This will help students better connect to the local culture and make the most of their living arrangements in Rome.

The abilities to meet new people and fully engage with one’s  host culture are essential skills required for study abroad. Study abroad is not a time to recreate the Providence College environment in a foreign country. Students who are unable or unwilling to take this step should remain on campus.

Behavioral Expectations and Disciplinary Procedures:

Students studying on this program are representatives of Providence College, CEA, and the USA. They are expected to abide by the Providence College Code of Student Conduct. They must also adhere to the CEA Code of Student Conduct and local Italian law. Students are responsible for their actions and behavior while abroad. They are expected to respect their fellow students, roommates, academic and housing providers, CEA staff, and local authorities.

Providence College and/or CEA may take disciplinary action towards students who violate behavioral policies. These include the Providence College Student Code of Conduct, the CEA Code of Student Conduct, and CEA Study Center policies. Also, any student that violates Italian law will be disciplined. Students will also be disciplined if they are harmful to themselves/others, or are disrespectful to a person(s)/culture.

Providence College and/or CEA may impose disciplinary action, including but not limited to:

  • Loss of Privileges Abroad and/or upon return to Providence College
  • Restitution (payment for damages, theft, etc.)
  • Loss of Housing Abroad
  • Disciplinary Probation Abroad and/or upon return to Providence College
  • Immediate Dismissal from the program
  • Suspension or Dismissal from Providence College

Providence College and CEA have a zero tolerance policy on alcohol abuse and drug consumption while abroad. Students dismissed from the program due to drug or alcohol related reasons forfeit transcripts and will not receive any refund. Students dismissed due to alcohol abuse or drug consumption may be subject to possible further disciplinary action by Providence College.

*** The College reserves the right to restrict the numbers of students approved to study abroad in any one semester. This is done in order to balance the number of students intending to study abroad across the academic year.