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What is the application process?

Students submit two applications in order to study abroad. The first is the CGE application for Providence College approval to study abroad.

Only one application is required for DIS Programs and the Providence College Center for Theology and Religious Studies in Rome. For these programs, students must submit a personal statement and two faculty letters of recommendation by the December 1st deadline.

The second application is submitted directly to the program for which you have received PC approval. Applications are available on your program provider’s website.

When do I apply for PC approval to study abroad?

The application deadline for students to study abroad during the following academic year is December 1. For example, students looking to study abroad junior year must submit the CGE application by December 1st of Sophomore year. The Horizons online application opens in early October following the annual Study Abroad Fair.

Can I submit an application for PC approval if I do not currently meet the GPA requirement?

Yes, the CGE recommends that you submit a study abroad application for PC approval by the deadline. If you become eligible for study abroad in a subsequent semester, you may request to have your application reviewed again. The eligibility requirements remain in effect up until the point of departure.

How many programs may I select?

You may apply for approval for one study abroad program. The only exception is for students who will be spending an academic year abroad in two locations.

What if I change my mind about where I want to go?

It is usually allowable to change your study abroad program after you’ve been approved by Providence College. Students should contact their study abroad advisor for more information.

Does applying for study abroad commit me to participating?

No. We understand that circumstances can change. Students may choose to withdraw their study abroad participation at any point during their post-approval, pre-application phase. Upon direct admittance to a program, a non-refundable “confirmation fee” is typically required within a week or two. Students pay this directly to their program, and it is deducted from the non-tuition fees charged to the student. It is after this point that withdrawal from study abroad may incur financial penalties. At this point the non-refundable confirmation fee will be lost.

What is the application fee?

There is no fee to apply for Providence College study abroad approval. In some cases the program provider will charge an application fee, which typically ranges from $30 – $50. These can usually be waived in cases of extreme financial hardship.

When do I apply for acceptance into my program?

These deadlines vary. It is your responsibility to check your program’s website for the official application deadline.

How do I request my PC transcript?

Enrollment Services is the only office that is able to issue transcripts. Please consult the Transcript Request Information to learn how to obtain your transcript.

To whom should I send the home school nomination or approval form that is part of my program application?

Your study abroad advisor will sign off on your College approval to study abroad. These should not be sent to your academic advisor.