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Civ in London

Study Abroad in London during spring semester of sophomore year


  • A unique opportunity for students from the class of 2023 to complete the Development of Western Civilization requirement abroad, during their sophomore year

  • Be part of a community of PC students and faculty

  • Broaden your learning through customized excursions around England, as well as seven days in Athens, Greece

  • Course offerings fulfill a variety of core proficiencies and major requirements

Program Overview

Civ in London is a competitive program for students in the traditional Development of Western Civilization (DWC) track. Admitted students will go abroad spring semester of sophomore year as a cohort of 30-40 students, accompanied by two Providence College faculty leaders. In addition to completing the DWC requirement, several core and major courses are available to keep students on track. The program includes several day trips and site visits included in the tuition cost, including a seven-day group excursion to Athens, Greece. Interested students will apply by December 1st of their freshman year.

Program Partner

IES London Study Center from the outside
IES Study Center

This program is offered in partnership with IES Abroad, an international education partner with over 60 years of experience. The IES London Center is centrally located in the Bloomsbury neighborhood, just a two-minute walk from the British Museum. The Center, an 18th-century Georgian building with a library, classrooms, lounge, and patio is where students will take most or all of their courses. They also have the option to take one course at two local universities: City, University of London and Queen Mary University. Working with IES, PC is able to offer enhanced on-the-ground support made available by the twelve IES staff who work at the London Center. This support includes 24/7 emergency support, student housing, course administration, field trips, and cultural activities. An on-site programs coordinator in London will be designated specifically as the point of contact for students and faculty on the program. This coordinator will also handle on-site emergencies and manage student academic, health, and discipline issues in conjunction with the IES Abroad and Providence College.


All students will take DWC 202. In addition, students will have the opportunity to select from a variety of other courses including:

  • courses offered by PC faculty that fulfill PC core requirements or proficiencies
  • courses offered by IES at their London Center
  • students can take up to one course at Queen Mary University or City, University of London

Note that City, University London has a 3.0 GPA requirement for course registration. Prior to departure, students will work with advisors to identify courses that fulfill major requirements, core requirements, or general electives.

Sample Course Schedule:

  • Development of Western Civilization (DWC 202)

    Temple of Olympic Zeus at Night
    A seven-day excursion to Athens is included as part of the program
  • PC Core Course Taken with PC Faculty
  • PC Core Course Taken with PC Faculty
  • PC Core Course Taken with IES London
  • Major Elective Taken at Queen Mary University or City University London

In total, students will earn 15 credits over the course of the semester. Many of the courses offered make location-specific connections to London and include day-trips and site visits so that students can make the most of their experience in this major European capital.


IES Abroad will arrange housing for students in shared accommodations in a residence hall or serviced student flats in central London. No meals are included with this housing, but internet and kitchen facilities are available. IES provides weekly cleaning and bed linens.


Providence College is on a Home School Tuition model. Under the Home School Tuition Policy, Providence College institutional merit and need-based financial aid is portable for semester and academic year study abroad. Students receive two invoices for the study abroad semester or year. A summary of the Home School Tuition billing model is listed as follows:

Bill from Providence College
Unless the student has outstanding charges, the only costs that will appear on the PC bill are:
Bill from IES Abroad
PC pays the program for tuition costs only. Therefore, the student will be billed by the program for:
PC tuition as normal. Financial aid is portable to study abroad. A non-refundable deposit to secure the student’s place on the program (due in March prior to departure).
$1,000 PC Study Abroad Fee All non-tuition program fees including housing ($4,200 for the semester) and supplemental insurance ($230 for the semester). This should be purchased in addition to the health insurance a student is typically covered by.
Student Health Insurance* (*Only for students enrolled in the campus Student Health Insurance Plan.)Additional costs to consider include airfare: $1100 (estimate) and student visa (TBD)


How does admission into the program work?

Admission into the program will be competitive, as there is a strict limit of 40 students due to course size constraints. The program will run only if it meets the minimum enrollment of 30 students. As part of the application process, students will request recommendations from a member of their DWC team as well as from another PC faculty member, and these will factor into admissions decisions. As much as possible, the selection committee will seek to admit a diverse array of students from a variety of academic majors. Students’ personal statements should provide evidence of maturity and ability to benefit from this study abroad program. All admitted students will meet the Providence College Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements, including having a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 by the time first-semester grades have posted and up until their departure for London.

What support is available to prepare students for their experience abroad?

Because participants will be going abroad as sophomores, additional pre-departure components will be required as part of participating in this program. This includes group dinners, meetings with faculty leaders, and participating in a Civ in London Living/Learning Residential Community during the fall semester of sophomore year.

Clock Tower of City University in London
City, University of London

Where do students take classes? 

Students can take courses at the IES Study Center in central London. Some of these courses will be taught by Providence College faculty and others will be taught by faculty hired by IES Abroad. Students may also take one course at City University London or Queen Mary University. A sample of IES London courses is available here:


What is the timeline for participation?

  • December 1st of freshman year: apply to the program
  • January of freshman year: admissions decisions are released
  • March of freshman year: admitted students make a program deposit to secure their place
  • March of freshman year: admitted students make roommate selections for the Civ in London Living/Learning Residential Community, which they will move into during the fall semester
  • Fall of sophomore year: participants move into the Civ in London Living/Learning Residential Community
  • Fall of sophomore year: a group orientation and other pre-departure preparation activities take place
  • Spring of sophomore year: students travel to London. Program dates will be early January to late April, 2021.

How much would the semester in London cost compared to a typical semester at Providence College?

Additional costs to consider include the study abroad fee ($1,000), visa (TBD), airfare (approx. $1,100), and IES supplemental insurance ($230). Aside from the study abroad fee, Providence College tuition will remain the same, with any grants, loans, or scholarships deducted from the tuition cost as usual. Students do not pay tuition to IES or any of the universities they might attend while abroad. Program housing in London ($4,200) is comparable to the cost of the Providence college residence halls. Students on the program do not have a meal plan, rather, they can purchase food to cook in shared kitchens. It is important to note that London is a more expensive city to live in than Providence and the exchange rate will also contribute to a higher cost of living during the semester abroad.

Please also note that students are required to live in the Civ in London Living/Learning Community the semester prior to departure. This will likely be in Suites, which is considered premier housing, typically available only to upper classman. Providence College housing costs are available here.

Are students in the Honors Civ program eligible to apply?

Due to the unique curricular nature of the Honors Civ colloquium requirement, students in the DWC Honors program are not able to participate in Civ in London. Instead, they are encouraged to participate in the Honors Spring Break program, offered every spring, and available exclusively to students on the DWC Honors track.

Can participants in this program study abroad a second time?

Students on this program are eligible to study abroad a second time on any of the short-term study abroad programs for which they are qualified. They may also apply to study abroad during spring of their junior year of fall of their senior year. The only stipulation is that they return to campus fall semester of their junior year.