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Steps to Study Abroad

Semester and Academic Year Programs

1. Complete the Complete the Study Abroad Interest Form

2. Go to the Horizons Symplicity application site and view which study abroad programs are approved by Providence College

The following majors have major-specific lists from which they are required choose:
Elementary/Special Education
Foreign Languages
Global Studies
Women’s Studies
Health Policy Management

The following majors have major-specific lists from which they are strongly encouraged to choose:
Political Science
Social Work
Theater, Dance, and Film

Majors without a specific list may choose any PC-approved program. Program listings can be found on the Horizons Symplicity application site.

3. Choose the program that best fits your academic and personal goals for study abroad.  You may also schedule an appointment with a CGE staff member to discuss program that may be good fits.  Majors in the School of Arts & Sciences and School of Professional Studies meet with Denise Miller.  Majors in the School of Business meet with Grace Cleary.  Appointment requests must be made by phone.  Please call (401) 865-2114 to make an appointment.

4. Apply for study abroad approval.  This is done by submitting a completed application via your Horizons account no later than December 1, 2016.  Students must choose one (1) specific program for which to apply.

5. Wait to obtain PC approval.  This will be granted no later than the first week of the Spring 2017 semester.  Students will be notified of their approval status by email.

6. Apply directly to your study abroad program via that program’s website

***PC Center for Theology & Religious Studies program in Rome or the Danish Institute for Studies only require one application. This grants approval and acceptance at the same time. These applications require an essay and two faculty recommendations by the December 1st deadline.

***Elementary/Special Education majors must submit their Study Abroad Intent Form to the Department of Education by October 13, 2017. 

*** The College reserves the right to restrict the numbers of students approved to study abroad in any one semester. This is done in order to balance the number of students intending to study abroad across the academic year.