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Study Abroad for Business Students

Beginning with the class of 2023, all Providence College School of Business students who study abroad for a semester will complete an internship during their time abroad. This will be completed alongside 12 additional credit hours during their semester abroad. This experiential international education for undergraduate business majors is intended to prepare students for their future professional and career aspirations.

Working alongside partner providers overseas, students will be placed into internships. These internships will provide them exposure to business in an international context. This experience will help develop and produce better prepared students for post-graduate employment opportunities. It will also enhance their employment prospects with multinational companies. Students will gain the cultural agility needed to compete in today’s globalized workforce. Upon their return, students will receive training in articulating the skills and competencies they developed in their internship to bolster their job application materials and improve their interviewing skills.

Recommended Programs

The Providence College School of Business, in consultation with the Center for Global Education, has put together a list of “Recommended Programs” for business majors, based on curricular fit and internship offerings. These include:

We recommend that students interested in studying abroad begin their search by reviewing this list of programs. If, due to a double major/minor, or strong interest in a different geographic region, you wish to broaden your search, you may choose from one of the programs on this list.

Notes About Choosing Your Program

Coursework Abroad

The majority of programs offered in non-English speaking countries are open to students with no prior knowledge of that language. However, the programs listed below may have specific eligibility requirements in regards to GPA, language, and/or course pre-requisites.  It is the responsibility of the student to research carefully these requirements prior to application.

Course offerings vary by program, so students should not assume that a program will have the courses they need simply because the program appears on this list. Students also should consult the Center for Global Education and School of Business Policy on Study Abroad Courses.

Which Semester Should I Study Abroad?

In the chart below, students can find general guidance as to whether the fall or spring semester would work better for study abroad. This chart is a suggestion, and all students should work with their major advisors to determine which semester would be most appropriate given their course needs and career path. Finance and marketing students who are seeking a Wall Street internship following their junior year should be prepared to do remote applications and interviews.

Accountancy majors on the 4+1 track (applying for leadership programs with global firms)x
Accountancy majors on the 4+1 track (applying for internships)x
Accountancy majors on track to complete 150 credit hours in four years  (applying for leadership programs with global firms)xx
​Accountancy majors on track to complete 150 credit hours in four years  (applying for internships)x
​​​​Finance majors pursuing careers in: banking, insurance, risk, analysis/management, or corporate treasury managementxx
​Finance majors pursuing careers in wealth managementx
​Management majorsxx
​Marketing majorsxx
​Marketing Fellowsx

Coursework Considerations for Accountancy Students

Introduction to the Profession is a required course that is only offered in the fall and is typically taken during the junior year. If students study abroad in the junior fall semester, they will have to take this in their senior year. The course has been shown to be a valuable experience for students to learn about the various professional opportunities that they may have and deferring this to their senior year may not be optimal. Proactive students that plan to study abroad fall of junior year could arrange to take this in their sophomore year. Students who study abroad in the spring semester can take the course in the fall of their junior year.

Auditing is a required course that is taken in their senior year, but is only offered in the fall semester. Accounting Information Systems is a prerequisite for Auditing, therefore students that study abroad need to be sure to take this in the semester of their junior year that they will be on campus.

Coursework Considerations for Finance Students

Students who are pursuing careers in wealth management typically take FIN-495 and FIN-496 (SMIF I and II). These courses will run spring of the junior year and fall of the senior year. Therefore, students planning to take these courses should study abroad in the fall.

Students planning to take FIN-445 Portfolio Management should study abroad in the spring semester as that course is currently only offered in the fall semester.

Please note: In order to balance the number of students intending to study abroad across the academic year, the College reserves the right to restrict the numbers of students approved to study abroad in any one semester.