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Summer Study Abroad

Who can participate in summer study abroad?

All students who are rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (i.e., completed their Freshman year) may study abroad over the summer.

What are the eligibility requirements for summer study abroad?

Providence College requires students to be in good standing in order to participate in summer study abroad. There is no minimum GPA requirement for College approval. However, each study abroad program will have its own set of eligibility requirements. This could include GPA requirements, course pre-requisites, and language requirements as well. Be sure you carefully check these before applying to a program!

How long are summer study abroad programs?

Summer programs vary in length. In order to receive academic credit, students must participate in a program that is at least three weeks long. However, some programs can be as long as eight to twelve weeks! (Exceptions to the minimum number of weeks are made for Providence College approved faculty-led Maymester and summer programs.) The average summer program length is four to six weeks.

What does summer study abroad cost?

Again, this varies by program. Most programs cost an average of $1,150 per week (e.g., a four week program will probably cost around $4,600). It certainly is possible to find programs that are more or less expensive than this.

All tuition and program fees will be billed to the student directly, and are payable to the program. Students receiving academic credit for their summer abroad will be billed a $200 Short-Term Study Abroad Fee by PC. For more information on this fee, please visit our Study Abroad Costs page.

What can I study on a summer study abroad program?

Almost anything! You can study a language, a specific topic, or participate in an internship, a research project, or a service-learning opportunity. Every program is different and there are hundreds of opportunities available.

Will I get academic credit for summer study abroad?

Yes, as long as you meet the following conditions:

  1. Submit all application paperwork by the deadline.
  2. Obtain prior approval for summer study abroad by Providence College.
  3. Take all classes abroad for a letter grade and receive a “C” or higher.

The course will appear on your PC transcript, and the grade will appear as a “T” for transfer credit. The credits you earn abroad will contribute to your total credit count. However, the grade will not impact your cumulative GPA.

What kind of credit will I get? How does that work?

When you complete your PC summer study abroad application, you will also submit a Course Pre-Approval Form. On this form, you will list all potential courses you are considering taking on your program. You will also include how you would like each course to count (e.g., Core Curriculum Requirement). Then, the courses will be reviewed by the appropriate academic departments for approval. **Please note that all internships are subject to individual student review and cannot be pre-approved.  Final approval for internships will be granted after the program is completed. The student must then meet with his or her academic department chair.

Where can I find a list of summer programs?

The Center for International Studies does not maintain a list of approved summer programs. Check out our Recommended Summer Programs page to get started!

Who can I speak to about summer study abroad?

Contact Denise Miller at or at (401) 865-2688.

How do I apply for summer study abroad?

Applications open in January for summer study abroad in the same year.

When is the application due?

Study abroad applications for Summer 2017 are due to Harkins Hall 215 no later than March 16, 2020Summer Application 2020

Are there any summer programs led by Providence College faculty?

Yes! Each year there are several short-term international programs coordinated and led by PC faculty members. Check out our Faculty-Led Programs page for more information!